What Do Shoes Say About a Man?

A shoe is a shoe, right? Wrong! Men’s shoes are more than just protective or fashion items. Shoes are, in fact, key indicators of who we are. Did you know that the shoes we wear provide cues about our personality, lifestyle, world view, work and income – all of which can affect the trajectory of your career and personal life? All the more reason to pay attention to the shoes you choose!

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2nd Feb 2020
a flat layout of brown formal shoes, spectacles and leather-strap watch

5 Formal Footwear Trends to Rock in 2020

What are you going to wear to weddings and business functions in 2020? It’s tricky enough picking out an outfit without having to concern yourself over […]
23rd Jan 2020
a man sitting on a railing in front of a city skyline

MSC’s 2020 Summer Footwear Collection

Men’s Shoe Centre has entered 2020 in style with a diverse range of shoes for all occasions and purposes. Step Out in Style this Summer If […]
6th Dec 2019
a man dressed in casual attire

5 Shoes You Need This Party Season

The party season needs a statement, and while shoes are often overlooked, they complete your style code. Men’s Shoe Centre has rounded up the five shoes […]
27th Nov 2019
Mens Shoes Centre uncovers 5 casual footwear styles we love

5 Casual Footwear Styles We Love

Casual footwear is a wide field. There are so many styles and designs to choose from, depending on your budget and preferences. Men’s Shoes Centre’s Summer […]

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