What Do Shoes Say About a Man?

A shoe is a shoe, right? Wrong! Men’s shoes are more than just protective or fashion items. Shoes are, in fact, key indicators of who we are. Did you know that the shoes we wear provide cues about our personality, lifestyle, world view, work and income – all of which can affect the trajectory of your career and personal life? All the more reason to pay attention to the shoes you choose!

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16th Oct 2019
Top Footwear Brands We Love at Mens Shoe Centre

Top Footwear Brands We Love

At Men’s Shoe Centre, we stock an incredible variety of footwear brands and we would never want to be seen to be choosing favourites. However, there […]
20th Sep 2019
a man with a floral bow-tie and a brightly-coloured button-up shirt

MSC’s 2019 Spring Collection

Spring has arrived and it’s time to put your winter shoes into storage and stock up on the right footwear for the hot weather to come. […]
20th Aug 2019
Shoe Snobs: Wayde van Niekerk and the Adidas NMD

Shoe Snobs: Wayde van Niekerk

Pic courtesy of Wayde’s Facebook account: @OFLWaydeDreamer South African track and field legend Wayde van Niekerk is a man who knows his training shoes. We can […]
18th Jul 2019

10 Shoe & Fashion Hacks for Men

Fashion for men is becoming an increasingly widespread interest, powered by the increased availability of fashion information, and the innovative design trends that are presently circulating […]

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