10 Shoe & Fashion Hacks for Men

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10 Shoe & Fashion Hacks for Men

Fashion for men is becoming an increasingly widespread interest, powered by the increased availability of fashion information, and the innovative design trends that are presently circulating the clothing and footwear markets. At Men’s Shoe Centre, we know the feeling all too well of making a particularly wise purchase – something that’s both fashionable and timeless, that suits your wardrobe or is applicable to wear year-round.

10 Amazing Life Hacks for Fashion-Savvy Gents

Our blog is filled with useful fashion tips, and this article is no exception. This month, we cut the corner to help you bring in more of those all-important pieces, providing ten absolutely essential fashion hacks for men looking to dress well as we well and truly enter summer 2019.

1. Socks

Let’s start with one of the humblest items in the wardrobe: the sock. Increasingly, flashy socks are making waves in the fashion industry – great for giving an outfit some energy and colour. Look to the cut-off sock for your boat shoes or other summer footwear.

2. Summer Footwear

Speaking of which, you’ll want to onboard something airy for your feet this summer. Consider investing in the ever-fashionable Hush Puppies, or similar, to wear indoors and outdoors in the year’s most sweltering months.

3. Palette Purchasing

When it comes to buying shirts, stick to a palette. Earthy and pastel colours are currently enjoying a renaissance – and match well with your whites and blacks – to make for a slightly faded but characterful colour scheme.

4. Laces

Looking to add a touch of individuality to your footwear? Head online to find some quality laces to thread into existing shoes to make them feel special again this summer.

5. Thin, Baggy Shirts

Versatile and casual, the baggy shirt, composed of thin cotton, is perfect for open-wear on the beach, light and sweat-free summer evening meals, or even wearing around the house in the winter: a certified must-have.

6. Hats

There’s a big discussion these days about the role of hats in a gentleman’s wardrobe. Whether you favour a snapback or a trilby, the addition for a hat in the summer months is a no-brainer – fulfilling practical and fashionable goals.

7. Shades

Invest, invest, invest. That’s the advice where shades are concerned. Buy expensive but unique and fashionable – maybe even vintage – and treat them well to make them last for many summers to come.

8. Shorts

Take a little experiment in making your own clothes by cutting the bottoms off old trousers and sewing the tattered ends to a uniform line. They’ll fit well and will express your individual character by being utterly unique.

9. Shoe Odour

A sweaty summer can have a rather unbecoming effect on our footwear’s smell. Take the bull by the horns here by soaking them in warm scented water, investing in an odour-remover, or chucking them in the washing machine – in a protecting bag, of course.

10. Accessories

Increasingly relevant and able to add a dash of individuality to any outfit, get some neck chains, bracelets or even a piercing to top off your own unique and complete look – making your wardrobe versatile around a few glittering or shining constants.

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There you have them: ten fashion tips to help you dress at your best all summer long, investing in the smartest items to move towards 2020 in. Shop top brands at our online store now, or get in touch with your questions or suggestions!