Shoe Stars: Bass Larkin Shoes

How NOT to Wear Bass Larkin Shoes
10th November 2017
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8th December 2017
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Shoe Stars: Bass Larkin Shoes

Most shoe enthusiasts will know that a loafer isn’t just someone coasting through life by doing as little work as humanly possible while being unwilling to leave their parents’ basement.

The loafer is the lace-less answer to every modern man’s formal shoe needs.

One style of loafers in particular has stood the test of time and has pretty much been defining the formal footwear industry since the 1800s – we’re talking about Bass Larkin shoes.

So, where did the iconic Bass shoe brand come from, how should we be wearing their shoes, and where can South Africans order Bass Larkins online?

The answers are closer than you think…

History of the Bass Larkin Shoes

The ‘Larkin’ is actually a specific shoe style developed by G. H. Bass & Co, the shoe company behind the iconic loafers.

G.H. Bass & Co. was founded in 1876 by George H. Bass, in a small town called Wilton in the United States.

It was 11 years later, in 1887, that the small factory decided to move up to Farminton, Maine, where they were able to utilise the power of a flowing river to power their shoemaking machinery of yesteryear.

This sped up production, and facilitated the rapid industry growth that the organisation enjoyed moving into the 20th century.

What sets the Bass Larkin shoes apart are the two iconic tassels added to the upper section, and the fact that each shoe is still hand stitched like they were back in the 1800s.

The most impressive claim the iconic Bass Larkin loafers can boast is that Michael Jackson wore a black pair of these while filming his 1984 ‘Thriller’ music video.

Other celebrities that have been firm Bass Larkin shoes supporters over the years include Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and John F. Kennedy.

How to Wear Your Bass Larkins

While most will agree that Bass Larkin shoes should really be worn in formal settings, with clothing fit for the occasion, we’re going to disagree.

It all depends on the finish of the shoes themselves. For example, shiny black or brown shoes shout formality. However, matt Bass Larkin shoes can be passed as smart-casual and worn with more causal outfits and to less formal engagements.

The real issue around shoes like the Bass Larkin is more one of how NOT to wear them, so this aptly titled article on how NOT to wear Bass Larkin shoes should provide you with a comprehensive guideline.

Order Bass Larkin Shoes Online

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