Shoe Stars: Pringle

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31st Jan 2018
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Shoe Stars: Pringle

From the rolling emerald hills of Scotland hails a clothing brand synonymous across the world with sheer extravagance.

It’s manufactured exceptional knitwear for the Hollywood elite, prolific musicians, and a few members of the British royal family.

This clothing brand’s name makes one think of a popular American potato chip, but the products they craft are FAR from shallow fried!

We’re talking about Pringle of Scotland; here’s a brief history of the Pringle brand, how to wear your next pair of Pringle shoes, and where you can order yourself a pair today:

The History of Pringle

It might have a history spanning over 200 years, but Pringle of Scotland is far from an old-fashioned clothing company!

Pringle was founded in 1815, in a small Scottish town called Hawick, by Robert Pringle. The company started out manufacturing knitted hosiery, and did so for decades until technological innovations enabled the creation of knitted outerwear, such as jerseys and jumpers.

Robert Pringle pioneered this new knitwear industry, expanding Pringle’s collections to include a range of clothing products. It was only when the company began dabbling with cashmere and argyle, considered extremely luxurious in the textile industry, that the fashionistas began to take notice.

Since it’s humble beginnings manufacturing hosiery back in 1815, Pringle of Scotland has grown into a clothing brand that is known for luxury materials, knitting quality, and trendy styles suitable for people from all walks of life.

How to Wear Your Pringle Shoes

Men’s Shoe Centre is now a proud stockist of Pringle shoes, offering world-class footwear that is stitched to last.

Looking for comfortable dress shoes? These Pringle Wright brogues in brown are ideal! Prefer darker formal shoes? These Pringle Pace black dress shoes have got you (and your feet) covered!

Pringle formal shoes are best worn with formal outfits, but you can rock a pair of these on smart-casual days with jeans and a button-up shirt.

Looking for a leather athletic shoe that will last you ages? Invest in these uber-pimp Pringle Vinson athleisure shoes! These you can wear with (almost) anything.

Order Pringle Shoes Online

Did we mention how proud we are to have an amazing brand like Pringle of Scotland as part of our Men’s Shoe Centre product offering? See our Pringle shoes collection on our MSC website, and if there’s a style you’d kill for – but we don’t have it – contact us here and we’ll see if we can help you out!