3 Key Questions About Canvas Shoes Answered

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3 Key Questions About Canvas Shoes Answered

From the urban fashion staple of All Stars to the more conservative Vans slip-on, canvas shoes have been a standard of men’s footwear for ages. Light and airy, soft-wearing and comfy, yet still stylish, this kind of shoe offers a great blend of utility and fashionableness. For those still uncertain as to whether and how they can work in their wardrobe, here are answers to three key questions that should leave you in no more doubt as to how to wear canvas shoes.

1. What can canvas shoes be worn with?

The answer is “almost anything.” Canvas shoes are known for their casual, urban look and feel, which means they blend perfectly with a pair of jeans  or shorts both loose and snug. That’s not the limit of their fashion potential though. Try wearing a pair of black Vans slip-ons with your favourite slacks, topped with a button-up shirt and you can hit an ideal combination of professional and relaxed. On the other end of the spectrum, throw on some canvas sneakers with your best tracks and training hoody for a sportier look. Whether you’re a skater boy or an ad executive pitching to a client, you can find the right pair of canvas shoes to suit your look.

2. Are canvas shoes suitable for sport?

That depends on the sport, but for the most part, yes. While canvas shoes, with their flat, thin soles, are not well suited to running, they are ideal for a number of other active uses.
If you’re a skater, you probably already know that you need look no further than canvas. These shoes have been the choice of skaters for decades. The soles give you the grip you need and the uppers are airy and cool. If you’re spending time in the gym for non-cardio purposes, then canvas is the best option as well. In addition to the benefit of excellent grip, the flat soles keep your feet planted on the floor and the heels dug in when you’re weightlifting. Tennis and field hockey are also sports that have become closely associated with canvas shoes.

3. Socks or no socks?

This depends entirely on the look you’re going for. Skaters (or anybody, for that matter) wearing shorts with their shoes should definitely go for the bare-ankle look. Instead of just going canvas against skin though, you may want to consider secret socks or shoe liners. When you’re pairing your canvas shoes with jeans or other long pants, then socks are fine. Under certain circumstances though, depending on your style, you can benefit from bare ankles even for the long-trouser look, especially with summery outfits.

Colour and brand also make a difference to your choices. Browse our wide selection of canvas shoes and find the pair that suits you. Contact us, shop online or visit one of our KwaZulu-Natal stores.