4 Superb Summer Shoes for Men

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19th Nov 2018
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4 Superb Summer Shoes for Men

Black Vans Sneakers

Summer isn’t just an excuse for a bronze tan, it calls for a more open interpretation of clothing, where less is more and your shoes have more expectations out upon them, particularly when it comes to comfort and breathability. With this in mind, Men’s Shoe Centre offers this guide to summer shoes for men and the more casual styles every gentleman should have in his wardrobe.

1. Loafers for Lekker Times

The loafer is one of the most versatile shoe styles for any man. It reads dressy but still relaxed. For summer, we are encouraging you to find loafers in lighter colours for a Summery vibes and greater versatility with other, lighter tones that you will no doubt be wearing throughout summer.
There are a number of different styles of loafers which give gentlemen a nice range to choose from, in line with their choice of wardrobe. The best thing about the loafer is that it provides a cool summer look that can work with both casual and business-appropriate apparel. This makes it one of the most versatile shoes in the summer collection and a must-have shoe for men. Available in both leather and in suede, there are a variety of styles.

2. Boat Shoes for Boss Vibes

Arguably one of the most prominent casual shoes in summer resorts, boat shoes are summer favourites. Originally designed as practical footwear for sailing, they have become a men’s fashion standard around the world. Generally worn without socks, boat shoes are typically made from leather, suede or even canvas, and they utilize a non-slip sole with water-resistant uppers and a unique lacing system. Perfect for business and smart casual outfits as well, boat shoes are relaxed and easy-going.

3. Classy Yet Casual Canvas Shoes

Like the previous items on this list, canvas shoes can be worn with or without socks, and they come in all sorts of colors. Perfect for a walk in the park, playing in the backyard with your kids or relaxing at the braai, these shoes work with any casual attire you have in your wardrobe, and can offset your smart outfit with a subtle contrast.

4. Leather Sandals for Lazy Sundays

The leather sandal is possibly the most comfortable summer shoe, keeping your feet cool and allowing them to breathe. Dark brown or black leather sandals are favourable, and will also enable a wide range of clothing style and colour options.

In the same vein as sandals, remember never to underestimate the good old slop! There are several styles to choose from.

Men’s Shoe Centre has every fantastic foot solution you could wish for. From formal to sports wear, there are a number of casual shoes men can adopt in the warmer months that look great with a variety of outfits. Step in to one of our stores to see our range just for you.