5 Casual Footwear Styles We Love

Top Footwear Brands We Love at Mens Shoe Centre
Top Footwear Brands We Love
16th Oct 2019
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6th Dec 2019
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5 Casual Footwear Styles We Love

Mens Shoes Centre uncovers 5 casual footwear styles we love

Casual footwear is a wide field. There are so many styles and designs to choose from, depending on your budget and preferences.

Men’s Shoes Centre’s Summer Casual Footwear Guide

Browsing through our casual shoe range will show you just how many choices you have. To help you narrow the search a little, this blog post highlights five casual footwear styles we love.

Boat Shoes

We love boat shoes. We’ve written about them a number of times. There is a good reason we give them so much love. They are comfortable, they come in many colours and varieties and they are versatile, fitting with all kinds of outfits. You can’t go wrong having a pair or two in your wardrobe.

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Slip-on Moccasins

Moc slip-ons are easy to put on, are made from a range of materials (suede ones are particularly nice), they are comfortable and have an attractive, stylish, rugged look. Try Caterpillar Opines. Skechers also has several examples of this type in their range, along with Merrell.


Another classic – which now also has several variations. This brand describes itself as the most comfortable shoes ever made. They may be right. The easily recognisable, stitch-down design of these shoes makes them form a soft, snug ‘glove’ around the feet. In terms of style, they sit somewhere between casual and smart-casual. What’s not to love?

Low-top Sneakers

A good pair of these is now virtually essential. They can go with everything from cargo shorts or jeans and they come in all shapes and colours. They are more versatile than high-tops and have a more relaxed look and feel. Converse is the classic brand here, but almost every other sneaker brand has its own variations.

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Nike Tanjuns

We went with a specific brand here because this is just a great shoe and very fashionable at the moment. The colour palette that Nike has used in this range is really pleasing to the eye, aside from the shoes’ sleek, streamlined shape. Tanjuns have strong but soft rubber soles that provide great cushioning and also help to correct your gait and posture. This is a shoe that is built to last for a very long time.

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