5 Men’s Fashion Myths Debunked

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11th Oct 2018
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5 Men’s Fashion Myths Debunked

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Men’s fashion is coming into its golden era and we are here for it. Throughout the ages, men’s fashion has been pretty heavily regulated, lagging behind the liberated women’s fashion revolution. We are stoked that men’s fashion is finally taking centre stage and breaking its own mould as more and more men crate their own individual style and put their best foot forward. Men’s Shoe Centre are taking a look at 5 fashion myths debunked to inspire you to dress your very best…

Belts and Shoes DON’T Have to Match

Belts and shoes become the main accessory in a modern man’s outfit, and there is no reason why they have to be neutral, boring and matching. Mixing it up with your belt and shoes can bring life to your outfit, particularly if you are rocking more neutral tones.

Socks CAN Be Bold and Bright

Who on earth said that socks need to be bland? Socks are not underwear, they are much more visible and cover your ankles, for goodness sake. So, why not wear whatever colour or pattern that your heart desires? It is a huge trend right now to pair zany socks with a polished outfit to bring light to the look. Street style, smart casual and even formal men’s fashion can all have colourful socks incorporated into the look.

Formal Outfits DON’T Require a Tie

Not a fan of the necktie? Ditch it! Formal men’s fashion can be styled with an open collar, so long as your shirt fits well, blazer is well tailored and shoes are razor sharp. The open neck makes a suave, nonchalant statement that speaks to your ‘devil may care’ attitude to fashion rules and regulations.

Heavy-Set Men DON’T Have to Wear Loose Clothes

Excuse me, this is false. Men with thicker torsos and wider frames are NOT banned from the slim fit. In fact, wearing clothes that are tailored well and balance out the body shape are extremely effective at slimming the silhouette. Baggy clothing only exaggerates size, even where it is absent.

Get the Look

Men’s Shoe Centre can hook you up with any shape, size and style of shoe that your heart desires. Pick out some of your favourite pairs and get styling! These fashion myths are officially busted.

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