5 Ways to Tell if it’s Time to Toss Out Your Shoes

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5 Ways to Tell if it’s Time to Toss Out Your Shoes

5 Ways to Tell if it's Time to Toss Out Your Shoes

“Dear beloved, we have gathered here today to bid farewell to our once-trusted style companion, our shoes…”

From our formal shoes to our sneakers, from our sandals to our work boots, all shoes reach a point of no return. When washing, polishing and the style doesn’t seem to be working anymore, you know that it’s time to look for a new foot friend. Shoes have no expiration date, as their life span depends on factors such as function, style, how well you take of them and how often you wear them.

We have outlined 5 scenarios which signal that it’s time to toss out your shoes or donate them to goodwill;

1. Your Shoes’ Condition Has Deteriorated

Your shoes’ poor condition is one of the most obvious reasons to toss out your shoes. Some shoes are worn more than others, while some are worn in more gruelling conditions such as casual footwear versus your running shoes. You should observe the soles, colours and build quality to determine if they need to be tossed out. If you have washed them a countless number of times, with the sole losing its tread and the colour washed-out, then it’s surely time for new kicks.

2. Your Shoes are the Wrong Size

Size can sometimes be overlooked in shoes, but your feet do change over time and older shoes which may still look good, may not retain the same shape and fit as when originally purchased. Shoes that are ill-fitting, loose or tight, can wreak havoc on your feet, resulting in foot pain and even issues with your posture. Try on all your shoes and make sure to walk in them for a bit to determine if they’re still the perfect fit.

3. Your Shoes have Gone Out of Style

Style doesn’t necessarily mean keeping up with the latest trends and tossing out the shoes you just got last year, but rather keeping an eye on what you currently own so that the shoes you own doesn’t make your look dated or weird. Some shoes like most formal shoes, Chuck Taylors or flip flops can always be a staple in your, but others = not so much. Evaluate the shoes you own and deduce if they still fit your current look or not; if not, think about donating them.

4. Your Shoes Smell

Sometimes, no amount of washing or detergent can bring your shoes back to their rightful scent. You know it’s time to throw out your shoes when they smell constantly, not only because of the unbearable odour that makes everyone around you complain, but also because of the bacteria that’s associated with smelly shoes. The smell from shoes are created by bacteria or fungi multiplying inside of them which can lead to infections of the foot, which you definitely don’t want.

5. Your Shoes are No Longer Comfortable

Don’t attempt being an ‘ironman’ when your feet are sore. When you begin suffering from foot or back pain, these can be signs of a worn-out shoe. Shoes create discomfort in the body when their supportive features are worn away; it is these supportive features that are usually put under the greatest amount of strain, causing them to not function as they were intended to.

Treat Your Feet to New Kicks from Men’s Shoe Centre

Every year or so, you should undergo a closet cleansing where you decide what stays and what goes, bearing in mind all the factors above. When making your decision, you should also consider the use and function of each pair of shoes before throwing them out. Please also remember that if your shoes are still wearable, try to donate them to someone who may need them before tossing them into the trash. Now that you’ve made some space in your closet, head over to our online store to find you the perfect replacement.