A Guy’s Guide to The Athleisure Trend

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A Guy’s Guide to The Athleisure Trend

Everyone can rock the growing athleisure trend, as – unlike other dress codes – it is versatile and can be worn across different events and settings. Athleisure is the intelligent combination of fitness wear, smart wear and casual clothing, with a significant influence from streetwear, all merged together to create a fashion style that both looks great and is hella comfy.

How Do I Wear Athleisure the Correct Way?

There is no exact formula to being an athleisure style king, as it requires you to bend the traditional style rules to put together an epic combination of clothing items that will keep you on trend and looking great. We have put together a handy style guide to help you conquer the athleisure style for any season.

Use These Tips When Putting Together Your Athleisure Look;

1. Keep it minimalist with colours, styles and prints

2. Use layering to give your look a deeper dimension

3. Use different textures to make your look more interesting

4. Experiment with the above and mash-up different styles

5. Avoid mixing sportwear brands

What Are The Athleisure Items I Can Wear?

Start from the top and make your way down to your shoes, with sweatshirts or track tops, then pants – including joggers and sweatpants – and finally, to our favourite; your shoes.


There are a variety of styles and brands that you can wear that will let you express your athleisure style. Many male clothing stores stock a great collection of sporty sweat tops and jackets that will fit well with your athleisure look. Try using soccer jerseys or other sport jerseys for a more defined look.

Mens Shoe Centre Says: Avoid loose & ill-fitting tops


You can get joggers in almost every colour that now come in trendy looks, which owes some of its style to global streetwear influencers. A great sweatpant or jogger to have in your closet is the side-striped pant. It gives the traditional sweatpants a more refined and dressier look.

Mens Shoe Centre Says: Avoid over-sized sweatpants that are used for bed on cold wintery nights and opt for more tapered, ankle-elasticised joggers.


Pair your tops and bottoms with stylish sneakers or trainers that will tie in your overall look. Use a light sneaker like a Converse All Star, these Adidas kicks or these really cool Nike trainers. Remember that a great shoe can make or break your athleisure look so use our advice that will keep you looking fly and on-trend.

Mens Shoe Centre Says: It is possible to experiment with different shoe styles but avoid heavily formal shoes in your athleisure look.

Break The Rules!

This is our favourite aspect of fashion, it is very subjective and does not have a fixed criteria, a great way that we like to wear athleisure is to pair your sweatpants and trainer with a formal button down shirt. This provides another dimension to your look that can take you from an event to a semi-formal function. You can also add a long coat to really transform your look.

Athleisure is a booming trend and knowing how to wear it correctly can make even a shoddy dresser look like a ‘fashion killa’. Use our guidelines and tips above combined with your own individual tastes to compose your personalised athleisure look.