Care Guide for Hush Puppies Shoes

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Care Guide for Hush Puppies Shoes

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With a reputation for comfort and class, Hush Puppies shoes come in a range of styles for men, including sandals, casual shoes, loafers and dress shoes. We at Men’s Shoe Centre know that when you buy quality shoes made with leather and suede, it’s important to take care of them with the right protection and cleaning. We have listed a care guide for Hush Puppies shoes to make doing just that, a whole lot simpler. When you take care of your shoes, they will look better and last longer, getting you your money’s worth…

Steps for Suede and Nubuck Materials

For Hush Puppies made from suede and nubuck materials, we suggest cleaning your shoes once a week with a shoe brush. Run the brush gently over the shoe to raise the nap of the leather up. Concentrate on areas where shoes have stains; brush these spots repeatedly until the stain lifts out.

Spray suede or Nubuck with a shoe-specific waterproofing and stain-proofing solution. Spray the liquid in an even coat over the shoes, and allow them several hours of drying time. This will protect the shoes from both water and stains.

Reapply your waterproofing or stain-proofing solution any time you notice water is soaking into the shoes instead of beading up on the surface. This may occur quickly – within months – if you wear the shoes often.

A Hush Puppies Block and Brush Kit is available, specially designed to restore the appearance of your worry-free Suede and Nubuck footwear.

Smooth Leather Tips

Use a wet sponge to carefully clean any mud or dirt from the outside of your smooth leather Hush Puppies shoes. Dip the sponge in leather conditioning oil and apply an even layer over the leather. This will moisturise and maintain the leather thus increasing the longevity of the shoes. Allow the oil to sit and soak in for an hour, then blot the shoes dry with a clean cloth.

Polish the shoes using liquid, cream or paste shoe polish. Choose a polish that’s the same color as the shoes, and rub it on with a cloth or sponge, using circular motions. This seals and protects the leather against water damage. Repeat once a month, depending on the wear and tear to your shoes.

Hush Puppies Care Range

Hush Puppies have a range of products for cleaning and protecting your shoes. A Weather Protector to protect their smooth leather, oiled leather, as well as a Natural Refresher to help deodorise and freshen up your favourite pairs. They also have a Cleaner and Conditioner Leather treatment to effectively clean and prolong the life of smooth leather and oiled leather footwear!

Hush Puppies make all their protective and cleaning products from natural ingredients. Everything is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Where to Get Your Next Pair

You may already know, but Men’s Shoe Centre are happy to stock a superb selection of Hush Puppies Shoes. From sandals to formal shoes, you can find the style that your heart desires right here. If you are looking for more helpful tips and style inspiration, check out the Men’s Shoe Centre blog! Remember, you can contact us with any queries and questions you may have and we will do our best to answer you quickly and completely.