Caring for your Kicks with Crep Protect

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14th September 2017
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9th October 2017
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Caring for your Kicks with Crep Protect

Crep Protect

Still cleaning your favourite pair of shoes with a damp cloth? It’s 2017, and we’ve made multiple breakthroughs in the shoe care world since having to lick the corner of our mom’s dishtowel to clean our brand-new sneakers. Men’s Shoe Centre is proud to stock a world-class shoe cleaning range – Crep Protect. Here’s how Crep Protect is changing the way we look after our shoes in South Africa…

Shoe Care with Crep Protect

Crep Protect Spray
One application of Crep Protect Spray applies a rain and stain-resistant barrier to your shoes, protecting them from liquids for up to four weeks! The Crep Spray won’t damage your shoes in any way, which means you can keep your shoes protected without worrying about the integrity of your kicks!

Crep Protect Wipes
These are wipes like you’ve never seen before! Crep Protect Wipes are double-sided, featuring a rough side for tough dirt removal and a softer side for general shoe surface cleaning. Keep them in your travel bag for when on holiday and you need to give your shoes a quick once-over!

Crep Protect Cure
This sneaker-loving cleaning solution is made from 98% natural products, including water, jojoba, and coconut extracts. Crep Protect Cure can be used on any style of shoes, giving them a deep clean like never before!

Crep Protect Kit
The Crep Protect cleaning kit contains a bottle of Crep Protect Cure, a hog-hair shoe brush, and a microfibre cleaning cloth. Tough dirt is removed with the shoe brush and Crep Protect Cure, and the shoe material is then buffed with the microfibre cloth.

Crep Protect in South Africa

Voted one of the best shoe care products on the market right now, Crep Protect has taken the modern man’s love for quality shoes to heart – developing a family of shoe cleaning products that will never damage your shoes. Keep your favourite kicks in tip-top condition by grabbing all of the above Crep Protect shoe care must-haves from your nearest Men’s Shoe Centre! Get in touch with us for more information.