Shoe Care

12th March 2019
5 Ways to Tell if it's Time to Toss Out Your Shoes

5 Ways to Tell if it’s Time to Toss Out Your Shoes

“Dear beloved, we have gathered here today to bid farewell to our once-trusted style companion, our shoes…” From our formal shoes to our sneakers, from our […]
14th December 2018
Man in Formal Clothing

Care Guide for Hush Puppies Shoes

With a reputation for comfort and class, Hush Puppies shoes come in a range of styles for men, including sandals, casual shoes, loafers and dress shoes. […]
19th November 2018

Bad Shoe Habits Your Feet Hate

Did you know that you can potentially ruin your feet, and your shoes, with just a few, seemingly insignificant shoe habits? Well get this, you absolutely […]
29th August 2018
Caring for leather shoes

Health Care for Leather 2.0

Caring for your leather shoes is about more than just ensuring that you look sharp and professional when you’re wearing them. Leather is an organic substance […]
28th May 2018

No More Stinky Shoes – Shoe Care Hacks That Work

Everyone knows that stinky shoes are a simple fact of life. Men’s Shoe Centre understand that the unpleasant odour that sometimes hangs around our funky feet […]
6th April 2018

Crazy Shoe Hacks You Didn’t Know

If you’re one of those people who LOVE discovering crazy life hacks that actually work, and you’re a fan of wearing shoes, chances are you’re going […]