Shoe Selection

19th Jun 2019
legs wearing brown leather boots

4 Trending Winter Footwear Looks & How to Wear Them

We are feeling the winter chill and the change in weather with the days getting shorter, morning and evenings are darker and the temperature getting colder […]
7th May 2019

Get These 5 Shoes to Ensure That You’re Covered for Any Occasion!

There are 2 types of people, those that have a huge shoe collection and those that rotate the same 5 pair of shoes. If you fall […]
3rd Apr 2019

A Guy’s Guide to The Athleisure Trend

Everyone can rock the growing athleisure trend, as – unlike other dress codes – it is versatile and can be worn across different events and settings. […]
15th Jan 2019

Shoe Selection: Shoes to Keep You Cool

Gents, did you know that your feet contain more than 250 000 sweat glands? It’s kind of the body to have it’s very own air conditioning […]
13th Nov 2018

Are Your Ready for Summer?

Your Summer shoe selection is more important than many people may realise – your shoes tie your look together, and exemplify the style that you are […]
24th Oct 2018
Fashionable Man on Street

5 Men’s Fashion Myths Debunked

Men’s fashion is coming into its golden era and we are here for it. Throughout the ages, men’s fashion has been pretty heavily regulated, lagging behind […]