Shoe Stars

11th Oct 2018

Men’s Shoe Stars: Converse is King

The Converse sneaker. You can see it now in your mind’s eye, with its iconic star insignia, wrap-around strip and smooth rounded toe. This legendary men’s […]
28th Aug 2018
Shoe Stars: Sebago

Sebago Shoes: The Classic Docksider

Even people who have never heard the name Sebago will know exactly what you’re referring to as soon as you show them one of these iconic […]
23rd May 2018

Shoe Stars: Adidas

Never an unpopular brand, Adidas has risen to unbelievable popularity in recent years, particularly with their iconic shoe styles in South Africa. If you haven’t seen […]
8th Mar 2018
Mens Shoe Centre- man wearing nike takkies

Shoe Stars: Nike

Ask anyone if they’ve heard of Nike shoes, and they’ll simply laugh at you. Nike is one of the world’s biggest clothing manufacturers, and you’d struggle […]
14th Feb 2018

Shoe Stars: Pringle

From the rolling emerald hills of Scotland hails a clothing brand synonymous across the world with sheer extravagance. It’s manufactured exceptional knitwear for the Hollywood elite, […]
22nd Jan 2018

Shoe Star: There’s a Skechers Shoe for Every Occasion

Skechers was founded in 1992, and has grown to a multi-billion-dollar company in 26 years of operation. Eish, that’s a lot of shoes! With over 3,000 […]