Shoe Style

18th Jul 2019

10 Shoe & Fashion Hacks for Men

Fashion for men is becoming an increasingly widespread interest, powered by the increased availability of fashion information, and the innovative design trends that are presently circulating […]
2nd Feb 2019

Safety Shoes Have Never Been This Good

Did you ever think you would live to see the day that you could buy good looking, high quality and superbly comfortable safety shoes from the […]
1st Dec 2018
Black Vans Sneakers

4 Superb Summer Shoes for Men

Summer isn’t just an excuse for a bronze tan, it calls for a more open interpretation of clothing, where less is more and your shoes have […]
28th Sep 2018

Men’s Shoes for Spring

Just like that, Winter has come and gone, and the shoes we have in our closet aren’t going to work for the new Spring season. With […]
5th Aug 2018
Shoe style: men’s winter boots

Two Simple Rules for Styling Men’s Winter Boots

Some tough, some smart; some fur-lined, some padded; some leather, some waterproof synthetic; all boots designed for keeping out the elements in winter. A good pair […]
20th Jul 2018

3 Key Questions About Canvas Shoes Answered

From the urban fashion staple of All Stars to the more conservative Vans slip-on, canvas shoes have been a standard of men’s footwear for ages. Light […]