Crazy Shoe Hacks You Didn’t Know

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14th March 2018
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Crazy Shoe Hacks You Didn’t Know

If you’re one of those people who LOVE discovering crazy life hacks that actually work, and you’re a fan of wearing shoes, chances are you’re going to adore these shoe hacks we’ve found! From getting better traction out of your new shoes, to stopping irritating squeaks, try these shoe hacks on for size:

1. Sandpaper Your Soles

Get better traction from your new shoes by lightly sanding the soles with fine-grain sandpaper. This will roughen them up and provide better grip – keeping you well connected to the floor at all times!

2. Get Rid of Squeaks

Squeaky shoes irritating your socks off (and everyone around you)? Get rid of annoying shoe squeaks by dosing your shoes’ insides with generous helpings of baby powder.

3. Stretch Out Boots

Got a new pair of men’s boots you’re trying to squeeze into? Stretch out your boots’ uppers by stuffing them with damp newspaper and leaving them overnight!

4. Less Stinky, Please

If you live in humid areas of South Africa, there’s a good chance you suffer from stinky foot syndrome. Get rid of your shoes’ sweaty stench by lining them with unused teabags when you’re not wearing them.

5. Prevent That Slippage

The fastest route to ankle blisters is wearing loose-fitting shoes. Prevent your heels from slipping in and out of your shoes by placing plasters horizontally across where your heels make contact with the inside of the shoes.

6. Waterproof Your Shoes

Tired of arriving at work with soggy feet during the rainy months? Waterproof your shoes with either bees wax or Krepe Protect! Your shoes will thank you for it!

7. Shop for Shoes at Night

Here’s a crazy one! Did you know that your shoes can grow by half a size by the late afternoon? Especially if you’re on your feet all day! Therefore, shoes that are a tight fit at night will be super comfortable during the day.