Men’s Shoes for Spring

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15th Sep 2018
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Men’s Shoes for Spring

Just like that, Winter has come and gone, and the shoes we have in our closet aren’t going to work for the new Spring season. With the sun out, we have an opportunity to enjoy everything the outdoors have to offer. It’s the season where you don’t have to wear socks every day, and your poor feet have a chance to breath. Having said that, here is a scary fact that may make you rethink your hatred for socks: Did you know that you have enough sweat glands in your feet to produce and fill a quarter cup of moisture every day? So, look for some lightweight cotton or wool socks, to keep your feet breathing, but your shoes protected.

Now that we have freaked you out with that fact, let’s get back to the best shoes you can have for Spring.

Welcome White Shoes

With the warmer seasons, white tones are here to help keep you cool. Especially your feet. The reason we go for white as a colour choice is because darker colours absorb more light, whereas light colours reflect light. Keeping the colours light enhances the mood of the season while keeping your twinkle toes safe.

Our super stylish, lightweight Nike Air Invigor’s are a cut above the rest. With breathable material and the magical Air Max Comfort Soles, your feet will be kept cool and comfortable this Spring. Plus, you’ll look pretty swag.

Our Bronx Dutti slip on shoes are perfect for this season! Firstly, they are white, so they are perfect for this weather. They double as stylish shoes to wear to a day event, with the ability to chill on a deck around the pool with your friends too. Plus, they have rubber soles, so you can have a few drinks and rely on your shoes to keep you standing upright!

Boots That Aren’t Boring

Still keeping with the season’s trends, we all need a pair of boots, but a pair that matches the mood!
Our quirky Watson Grasshoppers are the perfect match.

These shoes are so comfortable, you’ll forget you are wearing shoes, and the fact that they are a natural suede brown colour, your feet won’t sweat like they would in a pair of black high ankle boots. Which is never ideal.

Exploring the Outdoors

What better way to celebrate the change of season, than being outside! Whether you are chilling around a braai or hiking a beautiful trail, these shoes have got you covered.

The Merrel Chameleon 2 is the perfect trail shoe. They will keep you locked to the ground and heading towards the summit! With their amazing Vibram rubber soles and rugged uppers, these shoes will stand the true test – the environment, and your feet! Light in colour, they will keep your feet cooler, and the breathable material will further assist here.

Why not make sure your feet can get wet, and not have the problem of retaining all the moisture too? With our Adidas Climacool slip-ons, that problem flies out the window. Nylon and neoprene uppers, with water drainage through the soles themselves, makes them the perfect aqua shoe for any adventure.

Now that you have all the tools to pick the perfect shoe for this Spring season, make sure to visit our website, and have your new pair of shoes delivered straight to your door!