How NOT to Wear Bass Larkin Shoes

Shoe Snobs: Trevor Noah
24th October 2017
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How NOT to Wear Bass Larkin Shoes

They’re known as tassel loafers, and while some might mock the addition of a few strips of leather as embellishment on the Bass Larkin shoes, we think they’re just what the shoes need to set them apart! There’s just one teeny tiny little issue around the Bass Larkin – very few people actually know which outfits to match them to. So, with that in mind, we’re here to shed some light on how NOT to wear your Bass Larkin shoes…

With Shorts

Unless you live in feudal era France, there really isn’t a reason to wear Bass Larkins with shorts. It’s like arriving at a wedding dressed in a tailored suit with Hi-Tech takkies on your feet – they just don’t go!

However, if you’re REALLY keen on testing the boundaries of acceptable fashion, we recommend opting for matt brown or black Bass Larkins. The lack of gloss de-formalises them to a certain degree, making it only slightly more acceptable to wear them with short pants.

Next, you’ll want to wear these loafers with tighter fitting pants in darker shades of the primary colour spectrum. Since we’re actually talking about formal shoes here, make sure you’re not rocking an Avengers tee on top. Choose a button up shirt in softer shades and consider rolling up your sleeves.

With Longs

The hipsters have spoken! According to pop culture, the best way to wear your Bass Larkin shoes with long pants is to roll up the hems once or twice – revealing your sexy ankles. So, when choosing jeans, opt for tighter-fitting styles in darker shades and without too much in the line of tears, slits and cuts. Heading to brunch with the grandparents? Chinos and Bass Larkins go together like ivy league universities and Lacrosse, but remember to roll up those hems!

Lastly, we’re talking about socks. When it comes to shoes you really shouldn’t wear with visible socks, Bass Larkins rank up there with Crocs, slip-slops and boat shoes. So, when wearing longs that cover your ankles, choose thinner socks that aren’t white (trust us).

If you’re ‘larkin’ these shoes as much as we are, order them directly from our Men’s Shoe Centre online shoe store! Seriously, we offer free delivery and we won’t even charge you should you need to return them for a bigger size.