Safety Shoes Have Never Been This Good

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15th Jan 2019
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5 Ways to Tell if it’s Time to Toss Out Your Shoes
12th Mar 2019
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Safety Shoes Have Never Been This Good

Did you ever think you would live to see the day that you could buy good looking, high quality and superbly comfortable safety shoes from the comfort of your couch? Look no further friends, for we bring you the ultimate online store for men’s shoes in the whole of South Africa.
In this blog, we have collected some of our favourite safety shoes that we know will blow you away. Health and safety have never been this hot.

Trendy Tradesman

These high-cut safety boots are the perfect blend of trendy and totally functional. The lace-ups allow for maximum security on the foot, so you feel secure whilst doing your job safely. The Caterpillar Holton boots sport leather uppers and supportive rubber soles to keep you looking fresh and feeling stable.

Brown Safety Shoes for Men

Athletic Look

If you are in the market for more discreet safety shoes, then these Caterpillar Streamline shoes might be right for you. Sporting a composite-toe and lightweight feel, you are likely to forget you’re wearing safety shoes once you put these on. The sporty look lends itself to transitional outfits, from office to warehouse and back.

Caterpillar Safety Shoes for Men

The Classics

You can’t go wrong with a tried and tested favourite. The classic Chelsea Safety Boots give maximum foot coverage and a rugged workman feel. These boots sport elastic inserts for easy on, easy off, and a sole that is slip, acid and oil resistant, keeping you safe on the factory floor. As an added bonus, these shoes have a moisture-wicking lining which will help keep your shoes fresher and less… fragrant.

Chelsea Safety Boots

Office Friendly

If you are looking for something that goes will with your chinos but keeps your feet safety in the workshop, then our Caterpillar Diggers might be your best bet. These lace-up steel toe safety shoes are smart enough for that big meeting, and strong enough to handle whatever your factory might throw at you. Take a look at them, here.

Brown Safety Shoes for Men

Extra Comfy

If your feet are on the more sensitive side, you’ll be on the market for a padded, ultra-comfortable pair of safety shoes that won’t harm you more than they protect you. It’s no use wearing safety shoes that give you blisters and rub you raw. The Skechers Workshire shoes sport a padded tongue and comfort collar for your leisure and are designed to have a relaxed foot so that your foot isn’t constricted inside.

Black Safety Shoes for Men

Looking for more inspiration? We blog about our extensive collection of men’s shoes right here. Dip into our style suggestions, favourite icons, and coveted collections all in one place. Contact us if you have any queries!