Sebago Shoes: The Classic Docksider

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Sebago Shoes: The Classic Docksider

Shoe Stars: Sebago

Even people who have never heard the name Sebago will know exactly what you’re referring to as soon as you show them one of these iconic deck shoes. Founded in Rockford, Michigan in 1946, Sebago, the company, has become synonymous with the shoes for which it is now famous. The unmistakable Sebago style, originally designed for boaters, has now been modified for a variety of shoe types, from outdoor to formal.

The Original Boating Shoe

Sebago first set out to make a perfect boating shoe: a simple slip-on with a tough leather or canvas upper with hardy stitching, and a non-marking rubber sole with a siping pattern for extra grip. For decades, the shoe served little other purpose and was seldom bought by anyone other than the boating community.

The docker becomes a fashion statement

It all changed in the 1980s, when Sebago suddenly became a university campus trend. Whether you were into boating or not, it was fashionable to wear a pair of Sebagos. The company expanded its collection, taking the same basic design and moulding it into leathers of various shades and textures, creating lines of both outdoor shoes and smart shoes. When the generation that popularised Sebagos got out of university, they were often wearing the new varieties of their favourite shoes when they went to their first job interviews.

How can you wear it today?

Since the brand has kept up with the times and now features shoes for many purposes, you can find a pair of Sebagos to wear on almost any occasion. Remember however that, while there are some more dressy varieties that have been developed, Sebagos do lean more towards the casual side of the spectrum. Keeping that in mind, you can match them with an array of outfits. Wear them with shorts and a loose-fitting button-up shirt for a warm summer day, or put them together with jeans, long-sleeve shirt and formal or semi-formal jacket for colder days and smarter occasions.
One thing to remember, regardless of how you choose to style your Sebagos, is that they are shoes that are better suited to being worn without socks.

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