Shoe Selection: The Best Men’s Shoes to Wear with Skinny Pants

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11th August 2017
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Shoe Selection: The Best Men’s Shoes to Wear with Skinny Pants

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‘Why do guys wear skinny jeans?’. It’s a question asked by many a sceptical Googler, wondering whether they have the guts to jump on this men’s fashion bandwagon, without the muscular pins of Zac Effron. Love it or hate it, the skinny pants trend for men shows no sign of going away any time soon. The key to rocking this look is getting your shoe selection right – and we show you how, with our quick guide to the best men’s shoes to wear with skinny pants. Read on…

What are Skinny Jeans?

First, a word on skinny jeans. You might have thought one pair of skinny jeans is very much like another, but you’d be wrong there. There are standard skinny jeans, which are fabricated from denim made almost entirely from cotton, which are slim fitting but with very little stretch. And then there are super-skinny (so-called ‘spray on’) jeans, cut from fabric with less cotton but a lot of elastane – these have a lot of stretch, for that leg-hugging look. Standard skinnies tend towards a smarter (think: hipster) look, whilst super-skinnies are more casual, or rock-star rebellious. Whether you tend towards the former or the latter will influence your shoe choice.


Men’s Chelsea Boots

So named for the smart London suburb of Chelsea, where they become the IT shoe of the Swinging Sixties, thanks to the likes of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones – men who pioneered the era of skinny pants. Like the pants they’re pared with, Chelsea boots should fit snugly – the entire silhouette being sleek and slimline, from hips to toes. A man-of-the-moment that’s pulling off this retro Rockstar look is Harry Styles. Recreate this look by investing in a pair of high quality Hush Puppy Moderna Chelsea – featuring leather uppers and lightweight rubber soles, with an elastic gusset for an easy fit.


Desert Boots

Known internationally as desert or chukka boots, we know them as veldskoen; and they’re as South African as melktert. Sparked by a love of all things vintage, the desert boot is a hot trend – and you can thank South Africa for bringing this boot to the world. South African soldiers serving in World War II introduced their hardy boots to their British comrades, and when the war ended, the style was introduced to England via a British soldier whose family was in the shoe business. When the British pooh-poohed them, he took them Stateside, where – in a twist of fate – they caught on amongst rebels like beatniks and mods. Today, they’re a strong style statement – think South African singer-songwriter Jeremy Loops. To make a similar statement, try a pair of these Freestyle Bundu Veldskoen on for size. Wear them with a pair of standard skinnies – and to show them off to best effect, pinroll those skinny jeans.



Looking for something a little less hipster and a bit more hip-hop? Slip on those super skinnies and bring out the high-top sneakers! Wear something like these electric blue Adidas Tubular Nova or these flashy Adidas Light Em Ups with an oversize tee, and you’ll be living the dream like Kanye. For an alternative take on sneakers and skinnies, make like Pharrell and go for a retro low-top, like these VANS authentic or Converse All Stars.


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