Shoe Selection: Casual Shoes that give Formal a run for its Money

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6th April 2018
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17th May 2018
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Shoe Selection: Casual Shoes that give Formal a run for its Money

Gone are the days when a guy needed one pair of shoes for every event he attended. The gent of yesteryear had a shoe for every occasion, but now we’ve got men’s shoes that are suitable for more than one! We’ve found four casual shoes that SERIOUSLY give formal a run for its money…

Suit and Tie Affairs

Imagine a formal shoe, in shiny black, that is as comfortable as your sheep-skin slippers. Well, imagine no more, because these Watson Grasshoppers in black are the business! The sole offers superior comfort for those formal events that have you on your feet for hours.

Smart-Casual Events

For a men’s shoe that’s a little less formal, check out these Watson Grasshoppers in brown suede. They’re ridiculously comfortable, and the leather uppers mould to your unique feet profiles! Wear them with pretty much anything, pretty much anywhere.

Dress to Impress

Frank Sinatra your all time hero? Check out these Pringle Owen dress shoes in faded blue. With a shiny tip and interesting stitch work on the uppers, they’re able to turn heads regardless of where your feet may take you.

Best of Both Worlds

Looking for a shoe that can take you from the outdoors to the formal indoors without breaking a sweat? Check out these Caterpillar Yorktown shoes in black! They’re rugged enough to take you over any terrain, and fit seamlessly with any formal outfit you may have.