Shoe Selection: Get the Suave Look with Nike

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8th March 2018
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Shoe Selection: Get the Suave Look with Nike

Looking suave is something all of us guys secretly wished we could achieve, on a daily basis if possible, but we know how it goes. The secret to suave is to have a small selection of oh-so-suave shoes in your shoe collection, confined to their boxes for most of their lives. The ones you take out on special occasions – to impress your future in-laws, or land a second date with a stunner. We’ve found a select few suave-a-licious Nike shoes we think you’ll dig:

Yeah, I Listen to Hip-Hop

Suave Shoes - Nike Court Borough Sneakers in Black and White

Our first suave shoe is so true to American basketball culture, it has the word court in its name. The Nike Court Boroughs, in the right colour combinations, are not only suave to the

maximum – they’re flipping comfortable, too!

Rated 93/100 by Run Repeat, this basketball-inspired sneaker is known for being able to fit seamlessly into outfits including both longer and shorter pants. Nike Boroughs in black and white have the advantage of being mostly black, which renders them formal-looking enough to wear to a job interview or your uncle’s third marriage.

Not a fan of suede? You’re not alone. That’s why there’s the Nike Court Royale in the same finish with all-leather uppers.

Just Came From the Gym, Babe

Suave Shoes - Nike Air Max Sequents in Grey and WhiteWhether you’re a serious gym bunny or not, there’s a good chance you’ll agree that the Nike Air Max Sequents look damn good. Apart from their suave factor, these puppies are literally designed for okes whose feet sweat a little more than normal (especially in stressful situations) thanks to their mesh uppers. The simple fact is that the Nike Sequents are effortlessly multi-purpose:

  1. You can gym in them to get pumped,
  2. You can wear them on your first date (sweaty feet),
  3. You can run in them (from your date’s stalker ex-boyfriend).

Lets Kick it Old-School

Suave Shoes - Nike Suketo Boots in Blue, Orange and WhiteYou’re the guy that screams the loudest when that one Jackson Five song comes on the radio. You like to boogie on down old-school at the nearest disco hall with your posse on a Friday night. You weren’t born in the 80s, but you would have been right at home back then: break-dancing to MC Hammer on any smooth flat surface you can find. If you dig the old-school, you’ll probably dig these suave shoes:

Named after a Japanese river, the Nike Suketo boots are as ridiculously suave as they are remarkably comfortable. Slightly narrower than the average sneaker, these Suketos are finished off vintage-like with blue suede uppers, white soles and swoosh, with a solid orange line separating the sole from the material.

Nothing radiates confidence like when wearing all-white high-top sneakers out in public. White shoes require special attention (to keep them clean), so a tin of Crep Protect would be a good idea if you’ve just bought a pair. These Nike Court Boroughs in all-white are about as Vanilla Ice as they come, and are sure to boost your suave factor up a few notches.

Not finding the shoes that tickle your suave-spot? Check out our range of Men’s Shoe Centre Nike shoes here, or if you’d like to connect, do it right here. Want to speak to a human being? Call your nearest Men’s Shoe Centre branch.