Shoe Snobs: Elton Jantjies

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Shoe Snobs: Elton Jantjies

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When he isn’t pulling on his cleats to represent the Lions or the Springboks on the world’s hallowed sporting grounds, Elton Jantjies styles his public appearances with a look that is one part smart, one part casual, one part dressy and one part business. Part of the success of this eclectic blend is his versatile choice of shoe and the way he balances his outfits.

Here’s How to Get Elton’s Look:

Begin with a pair of brown leather chukka boots. When not on the rugby field this is Elton’s shoe of choice. It’s smart but not too formal, with a slight leaning towards the casual. These are tough boots with dressy look.

When Elton puts together a smart-casual outfit, he opts for trousers that are tastefully earthy in colour – light browns or beiges – and tailored to perfection. Make sure your trousers are not too short and not too long.

Then comes the personal touch that really sets his look apart. Between the brown shoes and the beige trousers, brightly-coloured socks make themselves unavoidably noticeable. Go with purple, red, green – whatever colour suits your style. This adds a touch of easy-going spontaneity to the overall toned-down look. Note: You want your socks to just be visible, so let the bottom of your trouser leg just reach your ankle.

Over the trousers, a white shirt is topped by a dark tie and light blue blazer. You can change up the blazer colour but make sure it doesn’t clash too much with your sock colour.  The result is a stylish look that caters to formal dress codes while still being relaxed and casual in feel.

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