Shoe Snobs: Father Christmas

Shoe Style: Festive Footwear
8th Dec 2017
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22nd Jan 2018
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Shoe Snobs: Father Christmas

Sleigh navigator and all-round jolly fellow, Father Christmas, has been capturing the hearts and imaginations of children (and a few adults) all over the world for generations. With his jolly round whiskey-reddened face and a stomach ballooning in his red and white two-piece jumpsuit, Santa somehow manages to fit down chimneys and slip through open windows of houses and dwellings all across the planet – IN ONE NIGHT! One thing old Saint Nick gets on point time and time again is his fancy footwear, so we thought we’d help the gents of South Africa with getting his look. Ho ho hold the Fanta, we’re getting shwifty like Santa…

How to Get Santa’s Look

It’s all about the boots, ‘bout the boots – no loafers!

  • Got snow? Choose boots with decent treading, like these Caterpillar Bruiser boots, or you won’t make it onto the roof – let alone to the chimney
  • No snow this December? You’ll be just fine strutting your festive stuff in these Crockett and Jones leather boots with flat soles
  • Not a fan of red and white jump suits? No problem! Become the anti-Santa by wearing a black and white Father Christmas suit to the staff Christmas party instead (trust us – they’ll love you)
  • Don’t have a lush grey old-man beard? Simply strap an infant goat to your face and they wont even know the difference (arrive late, once they’ve all knocked a few cold ones back)
  • Finally, you’ll want to complete your Santa look with a pair of white gloves and a ‘ho ho ho’ wherever your go.