Shoe Snobs: Trevor Noah

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9th Oct 2017
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10th Nov 2017
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Shoe Snobs: Trevor Noah

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Mzansi’s golden boy and all-round funny guy, Trevor Noah, knows what it takes to look good on the red carpets of Hollywood. In fact, Google “Trevor Noah red carpet” and you’ll see images of him rubbing shoulders with the likes of John Legend, Lewis Hamilton, and Hugh Jackman. Moving in circles with A-listers like these requires a certain sense of style, and boy does Trevor have loads of it! Want to dress to impress like our boy Trevor Noah? We’ve got a few style tips you’re going to need…

How to Get Trevor Noah’s Look:

It all starts with a pair of pimping Hush Puppies

  • The socks you wear with your black smart shoes are vitally important! Unless you’re a Michael Jackson impersonator in the making, avoid wearing white socks with your black formals
  • How long are your longs? If they’re bunching up around your ankles they’re too long; if they’re showing your socks when standing normally they’re too short
  • To overcoat or not to overcoat? That is the question! We’re siding with Trevor on this one. Overcoats are back in, and it completes a formal suit like nobody’s business
  • Finish your formal look off with a pocket square. This is the small piece of fabric sticking out of your jacket pocket. Pair your pocket square to either your tie or the colour of your shirt.

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