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Shoe Stars: Nike

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Ask anyone if they’ve heard of Nike shoes, and they’ll simply laugh at you. Nike is one of the world’s biggest clothing manufacturers, and you’d struggle to find someone who doesn’t know the brand – or at least the iconic swoosh logo. Nike’s active wear is worn by athletes, celebrities, and regular Joes all over the planet on a daily basis. So, how did Nike come to be, what sort of outfits compliment Nike shoes, and where can you order Nike shoes online? The answers are closer than you think…

The History of Nike Shoes

Nike, formerly known as Blue Ribbon Sports, was founded in 1964 by track legend, Phil Knight, and his athletics coach, Bill Bowerman. Ironically, the company started out as a US distributor of Onitsuka Tiger (now ASICS) shoes.

The name was changed to Nike in 1971, and the company adopted their swoosh logo. Nike was the Greek goddess of victory, who according to legend had a set of wings. The swoosh in the Nike logo is meant to represent one of Nike’s (goddesses) wings.

Nike’s first ever patented athletics shoe was the Nike Cortez, and was released to athletes at the track and field Olympic trials in Eugene, Oregon, circa 1972. The Nike Cortez was the first shoe to feature the iconic swoosh, and it’s been a hit ever since.

Nike Shoes for Every Occasion

From running shoes to sneakers, studded sports boots to slip-slips, Nike shoes come in a range of different shapes and sizes. We’ve singled out some epic Nike shoes you can wear pretty much anywhere:

Where to Find Nike Shoes Online

Looking to buy Nike shoes online in South Africa? You’re only a few clicks away from easy, convenient online shoe shopping fun! Simply browse our Men’s Shoe Centre Nike shoes collection, and if there’s a Nike you love – but we don’t have it on our website – connect with us here and we’ll see if we can find it for you!