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Shoe Style: Casually Cool

Casual shoes are not as easy to define as other shoe types, mainly because there are a number of different shoe styles that can be classified as being ‘casual’. Essentially, casual shoes are the shoes we wear when we’re not attending formal events like weddings, funerals, graduation ceremonies etc. However, some casual shoes are more smart-casual than casual, meaning you can wear these to some formal occasion should you need to.

Let’s take a trip through shoe history and see where the first causal shoes came from, different styles of casual shoes, how to wear them correctly and where you can order a wide selection of casual shoes online here in South Africa!

History of Casual Shoes

The oldest pair of casual shoes was found in an Oregon cave in 1938. It was a pair of sandals dating from around 7000 or 8000 B.C. The oldest closed shoe was discovered in Armenia, dating back to around 3500 BC, which was more of a ‘foot bag’ than anything else – featuring a single piece of supple leather crudely sewn together with leather cord.

It was only with the introduction of European formality that a distinction between formal and casual shoes was struck, however most of the population had no need for formal shoes. During the middle ages, most Europeans in the Pyrenees region wore espadrilles, or sandals with braided jute soles and fabric uppers.

Another highly popular casual shoe style of yesterday was the crakow, or long-toe shoe. These casual shoes were said to have originated in Krakow, Poland, and were extensively worn during the 15th century. The long point, or polaine, was often supported by a whale bone and tied to the wearer’s knee to prevent accidents while walking!

Casual Shoe Selection

Casual shoes have come a very long way since the ‘foot bags’, espadrilles, and crakows of the past – and we now enjoy a considerably large selection of modern casual shoes to choose from.

Featuring a comfortable sole and a supple leather upper, these Watson Grasshoppers in black will serve you well – no matter the setting. Prefer the convenience of a slip-on casual shoe? These Caterpillar Stride casuals, with light weight soles, are effortless to get on and off in a hurry.

Casual shoes don’t get much more casual than a pair of sandals. Prefer a slip-slop for shuffling around the swimming pool? Check out these Adidas Adipure Slide Sandals in blue. Prefer to strap your sandals tightly for walks along the promenade? These Rocky Maluti Back Strap sandals in black are the casual shoes you’ve been waiting for!

Where to Buy Men’s Casual Shoes

Looking to order casual shoes in South Africa? You could mission down to your nearest shoe store, or you could conveniently order your men’s shoes from your computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone on the Men’s Shoe Centre website. With FREE DELIVERIES and free returns, there really isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t! Get in touch with Men’s Shoe Centre for more information…