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23rd November 2017
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15th December 2017
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Shoe Style: Festive Footwear

We’ve reached the halfway mark of December 2017, and by now we all sort of know where we’ll be spending Christmas eve on the 24th and the day-long food binge on the 25th.

No matter where you find yourself enjoying these festive occasions, step out in true festive style with a kick-bottom pair of festive red men’s shoes!

We’ve found our favourite three pairs of festive footwear available on our Men’s Shoe Centre website, and we’re taking a look at each right here:

Blitzen’s Boots

Caterpillar are well known in the footwear world for their tuff and rugged construction boots, but they also manufacture a few lit pairs of casual shoes!

Show your family what’s up in these Caterpillar Kvell casual boots in burnt red with black laces. This festive footwear must-have is ideal for cooler climates or outdoor festive family events.

Not a fan of being called David Kramer’s son every time you wear your new boots? Check out these Caterpillar Dorrington casual boots in light brown with blue and beige laces.

Santa’s Sneakers

If Santa Claus couldn’t wear his shiny black boots one Christmas, he’d surely wear these rad VANS authentic lace-up canvas sneakers in red.

These are strictly red uppers with white soles, and white laces, making them the ideal Christmas shoes for when visiting uber-Christmassy family over the festive period.

Prefer to keep your family thinking you’re a vampire? Become the anti-Santa with a black and white jumpsuit, and simultaneously show your insidious support for the New Zealand national rugby team by wearing these VANS Authentic sneakers in black – all black (see what we did there?).

Good Boy’s Boat Shoes

Enjoying a sunny southern hemisphere festive season this year? You’ll want to strut your Christmas day stuff in a pair of comfortable, breathable shoes that you don’t necessarily have to wear socks with.

The solution? These ridiculously festive Sebago Spinnaker boat shoes featuring red and white uppers, with white laces and soles.

Not keen on being associated with the USA every time you wear your new boat shoes? Check out these Sebago boat shoes in red, beige and orange.