Two Simple Rules for Styling Men’s Winter Boots

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Two Simple Rules for Styling Men’s Winter Boots

Shoe style: men’s winter boots

Some tough, some smart; some fur-lined, some padded; some leather, some waterproof synthetic; all boots designed for keeping out the elements in winter. A good pair of winter boots is not only important for keeping warm; it’s also a fashion essential. There are boots to suit all tastes and occasions. When thoughtfully paired with the right outfit, winter boots can look great.

The First Thought

Perhaps the first thing that enters your mind when you think of shoes and winter, is a heavy pair of hiking boots, such as those made by Caterpillar, Hi-Tech, Merrell or Diesel, for example. These aren’t only your go-to when you hit the hills and forests on the weekends. They can make you look like a fashionista on the city streets too. The key to any look with a pair of outdoorsy boots is to make sure your choice of clothes is as rugged as your shoes: think heavy woollen sweaters, stonewashed jeans, flannel shirts and sleeveless vest jackets.

The Second Thought

For the more professionally minded there’s always the Chelsea-style boot, such as these Hush Puppies Deacons or Bronx Slots. These shoes are so versatile that, no matter what you wear with them, you are unlikely to go wrong. Pair them with your work outfit, formal suit or a pair of jeans and they won’t let you down.

This covers two general types of winter boot: the rugged, outdoorsy type and the formal type. There are several variations on these: Derbys, Brogues, lace-ups and pull-ons. Follow the general advice given here, however, and you can fit in any of these variations. It comes down to two rules of thumb: if it’s a boot you would use for active uses like hiking or hunting, keep it casual and make sure your clothing matches the rugged look. If it’s a more elegant boot like the Chelsea, don’t be afraid to go for a smart look.

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